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What is JCola?

  JCola is written in 100% Java and allows you to view a file as it grows, much like the UNIX tail command. This application can tail many files concurrently and is useful for those monitoring server or error logfiles in a production or development environment. JCola will run on Windows, Linux, and MAC OS, as long as the Java Virtual Machine is installed correctly.

  • Runs on any OS with a file system and current JVM installed.
  • Tail many files at the same time in a windowed environment.
  • Easy-to-use interface will have you tailing in no-time.
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Get JCola!

  JCola requires Version 1.4 of the Java Virtual Machine properly installed on your system to function correctly. You can download the current JVM from Sun, here. Once you are certain you have the JVM installed correctly, you can download the appropriate file from our download section.
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