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Get JCola!

  JCola requires Version 1.4 of the Java Virtual Machine properly installed on your system to function correctly. You can download the current JVM from Sun, here. Once you are certain you have the JVM installed correctly, you can download the appropriate file from the list below.

Requirements (All Platforms): JRE 1.4 (or higher)
Latest Stable Release: JCola 0.01beta
Platform Independent jcola_01_beta.jar
Windows Installercoming soon
Linux Installercoming soon

Install Notes

  • Platform Independent. Download the jar file in to a directory on your computer. If your system is set up correctly, you should be able to doube-click the jar file and it should begin running. If that does not work, navigate to the directory of the jar file and type 'javaw -jar '. If this does not work, you need to install the current JRE as per the requirement.
  • Installers. To install using the installers, simply execute the appropriate install file. You must have the JRE installed as per the requirement for the installer to work!